Monday, July 16, 2007

an 'off and on' blogger

Yours truly is more of an 'off and on blogger', for a variety of reasons. The primary one being the effort it takes for a lotus-eater to be a regular blogger.
If you look at the newspapaers of the week that just went by, you can see for yourself, the amount of space and coverage that a minor altercation on a road can get. Well, of course the victims happened to be the CM's brother and nephew and the aggressors, a local MLA's son and his 'pals' In a way it was healthy, ringside reportage that one saw in the English newspapers, but this cannot be said of some of the Telugu papers. It is one thing to take an anti-establishment stance--even that has to be backed up facts and reason. It is quite another to turn this stance or viewpoint into a clash of personalities or an 'us and them' context.
The remarks of a college teacher (which offended muslim students) of St. Ann's was another issue, which made news for a day or two One wishes though, that newspapers had interviewed some of the students at some length and could get a word in, with the teacher in question, as well.

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