Tuesday, June 26, 2007

English papers--Where are the newshounds?

One wonders where the newshounds who 'scent' investigative stories are. One comes across hardly any major 'scoop' in the local english language newspapers. The TOI is marginally better than the others in this respect, while the telugu newspapers are streets ahead--they have a story a day, of an invsetigative nature. As for our friends in the Urdu Press, they need to wake up to the reality of media coverage in 2007--they're caught in a time-warp, as it were, when it comes to content, although the 'look' of all the major Urdu papers has improved dramatically, thanks to technology.

Most papers today highlighted the arrest of the 'recovery agents' employed by ICICI Bank, who had allegedly beaten a government employee to death, on Sunday for non-payment of a personal loan. The TOI turned the follow-up story into its first lead--good show!
Pratibha Patil files nomination, CBI to probe brother’s case
While the electronic media has been going ballistic on the reports that the UPA Presidential candidate had defaulted on a bank loan borrowed by a sugar factory promoted by her and that she had allegedly lent protection to the accused (who happens to be her brother) in a murder case in Jalgaon, the print media is relatively silent.

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