Monday, July 30, 2007

Media biases

It's not as though as our media--be it print or electronic is pure as the mythical Gangajal. Please pay some attention to the adjective here. Far from being the holier-than-thou institution it pretends to be, our Fourth Estate is no less vulnerable than the other wings (of a state destined to wither away)--the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. We know of reporters and correspondents turning into wheeler dealers or as the expression goes, 'power-brokers'. We have seen, in the local media, (there aint no tellin' what the national media can do, as Huck Finn might've said)how, by virtue of being their 'bedfellows', journalists turn into politicians' stooges, millionaires and super-successful businessmen. Each newspaper has its own take on Mudigonda and Mecca Masjid, be it 'Eenadu' or 'Aitemaad', 'DC or Andhra Jyothi.' The slants are all too visible and if there's one institution which has, over the years, proved to be utterly toothless, it's the Press Council of India.
Be it a Ramoji Rao, a Zahid Ali Khan, a T. Venkatram Reddy or for that matter an M.J.Akbar, an Arun Shourie, a Vinod Mehta or an N.Ram, each has his own set of tinted glasses--to each his own agenda. Where are the Pothan Josephs, the Khasa Subba Raus, the Gora Sastris and the Iswar Dutts....?

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Anonymous said...

Its Etemaad and not Aitemaad plz could u correct the word and morever there are some Urdu Tv Channels too running in Hyderabad Old City like the 4TV and Ruby TV