Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Rewrite desks...thoughts on Jan.09.

None of the newspapers I get--DC, TOI, Hindu have the sort of rewrite desks they so badly need. If only they could take a leaf from the mainstream weekly journals, readers wouldn't be subject to slip-ups like--"The lack of a crowd...however did not deter Vijayashanti wearing a saree with checks... (talk of irrelevant detail-ys) .I personally wouldn't approve (in a front-page story at that) of the phrase 'gone for a dekko' ... (All this is from the TOI's front-page story on Vijayashanti's protest). There are other stories in the paper that merit a mention though, such as the front page story on lobbyists working overtime to get the new appointee (as Commissioner of Police), Balwinder Singh's orders cancelled, a p.2 report on the use of surveillance cameras mounted on 'interceptor' cars by the traffic cops and an inside page (8) story on the alleged rape of a sixteen year-old in a train, by a TTE.
Talking of some of these minor goof-ups that a rewrite man wouldn't miss, here's a small example from a front-page story in 'The Hindu'-- "If they came for a debate he would provide the truths to the people..."
Aitemad (the MIM's voice) and Siasat are slugging it out for some time now, but more on that in another post.



Hyderabadiz said...

Wake up Call.
Three days, and no acitivity on the blog is a shame, for many visitors will forget to retun. What will they do, if you don't feed?
Best, Taher

Saty said...

well, well, well...who was it who said--"once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi..."