Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday Morning....

The monday morning papers aren't much of a read. The TOI has a front-page story on the 'serial killers' of Hyderabad, which is a shade different from what the DC and The Hindu have to say in their coverage of the event. The TOI tells us that "the alleged killers were homosexuals, lured their victims with a bait of women and performed macabre acts like smearing their bodies with blood."
The TOI also has an eye-catching photograph of the the most unlikely political bedfellows-- Sonia Gandhi and L.K.Advani caught in what the caption calls,"close encounter". The DC's front-page has an equally arresting photograph--of a leopard that strayed into someone's loo in Baroda. The DC has has a newsy front-page story on an imminent shuffle in the higher echelons of the state bureaucracy--"CMO lists 'loyal' IAS officers for reshuffle". The Hindu takes a timely dig at the ways of the 'power' bosses in a story on its 3rd page--"Power crisis goes for a toss". In his report V.V.Subrahmanyam points out how Income Tax officials and film stars "revelled under the floodlights playing an inconsequential cricket match..." I'm not particularly happy with the expression--'revelled under floodlights' but then look at this sentence:"Considering the sweeping instructions from the State Government that air-conditioners be banned in all Government offices and even suggestions that only one light be used in all establishments during daytime to ward off the crisis gripping the State, the friendly cricket match only showcased the utter disregard for power blues and more importantly the commonest of the commoners bearing the brunt of power cuts..." Wonder what The Hindu desk thinks of the word 'brevity'!



Hyderabadiz said...

Lago raho Saty Bhai.
Best, MT

Hyderabadiz said...

I don't know what aggregator you use. Some sources like www.samachar.com are good.
Newshound is a better source, as I see focused on Hyderabad, but picks coverage from many many sources.
Best, Taher

Saty said...

thank you taher sab. actually, as I said I have my own take on the papers I read--as you can see. Nothing more than that. Besides,I'm a hardly a media expert--am the guy next door whose doing this for a lark.