Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday morning--Jan.29

This was meant to be an everyday affair--playing the self-styled media watchdog, I mean. But, it certainly calls for a sort of discipline that a laidback Hyderabadi like me lacks. Anyway, most of the newspapers--the TOI, DC and Munsif, among others, got an interesting bit on the late O.P.Nayyar, wrong. Thanks to PTI, all of them carrying the agency report, attributed the song--'jhumka gira re' to him. Someone somewhere in these papers should have known better.
Talking of rewrite desks, looks like our trusted Old Maid from Mount Road could do with one, as well. Here are two examples from a story in The Hindu (p.2), on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the Telugu film industry: "Apparently stung by...he did not accept the honour at the event, which had ran into rough weather...." and"There is a temptation to get mislead ourselves as gods..." Also, all newspaper reporters and subs need crash courses in the use of articles--of the definite and indefinite kind. Look at the lead sentence of a report from this morning's Hindu, again from page two: "They are only a million in number throughout the world, but still Dawoodi Bohra community is going strong." Also, clumsy, faulty constructions are rampant--I cite two more examples from the same report:"A closed knit (sic) community Bohras consider their younger generation as real strength." Again--" Coming to Bohra women, they are allowed inside mosques, however they have separate enclosures...."



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