Thursday, January 4, 2007

this morning's papers

The DC has a front page that is certainly more interesting than what the TOI and 'The Hindu' have on their plate. The DC has a lead story on the Noida killer, Moninder Singh Pandher's connections and an interesting single column story (carried on p.2 as a six column spread) on A.P.'s objection to the Supreme Court's directive to initiate a slew of reforms in the police force. Syed Amin's Jafri's edit page article 'Problems aplenty for YSR' is a bit of a yawn as a read, but is extremely informative and analytical if one makes the effort of reading the entire piece.
The TOI has a very bland front page unless of course you're interested in a lead story which says--"foreign pilots clip wings of Indian pilots" on how expatriate pilots are likely to outnumber their Indian peers in the coming years. The only 'readable' front-page story from the human interest point of view, is a single-column piece on the death of a 14 year-old boy who had a history of heart disease, at Swami Ramdev's yoga camp in Bhubaneswar. But then, I must admit that 'readability' can be a highly subjective affair...but this is my blog, so what the hell! One of the good stories the TOI has is a four-column piece on p.2 on the wheels that turned and strings that were pulled to kick the police commissioner, Mohanty, upstairs. Ayoob Ali Khan tells us that it was the MIM which labeled him anti-muslim and took up the matter with Sonia Gandhi's political adviser, Ahmed Patel, after failing to convince YSR to shift Mohanty. Khan says--"What Mohanty has done is to enforce policing strictly in the Old City and this had affected some sections of supporters of the party." Kingshuk Nag has his own take on the location of the proposed IIT. The Government wants to have it Isnapur in Medak, while the TDP and TRS are queering the pitch of the demand to locate it at Basara. The Adilabad M.P. of the TRS has already 'sent' his resignation papers, on the issue. Nag says that all the arguments put forth against Isnapur as the proposed location are irrelevant--from an assembly resolution during the TDP years, to the ancient Saraswati temple as the raison d'etre for the new IIT, to the charge that YSR's cronies want to make a fortune by selling (to the government) the land they allegedly bought around Isnapur and that this was yet another YSR move to package his dream of Greater Hyderabad. Nag's question--how does it matter? Over to the politicians for answers. But can someone teach them to 'bulletize' what they say, mesays. The other piece in 'Room with a View' also (on the A.P.Government's recent brainwave to 'fix' the fee structure for junior colleges) poses a few questions worth pondering about. To paraphrase Nag--let market forces decide on who is good and who isn't. If you ask me (as college teacher) I'd say the same thing. Those who don't deliver fall by the wayside. Isn't this true of any other service as well? I have a question too--Why can't the state ensure that Government Junior Colleges compete with the 'corporate' colleges?
The Hindu has more to offer on the average Hyderabadi's current obsession--the state of the city's roads, traffic bottlenecks and all the rest of it. There are three stories in the inside pages (on the partial opening up of the Punjagutta, Greenlands flyover to traffic, underground cabling moving apace and progress on ORR expansion). Again,The Hindu's 'Downtown' is newsier and definitely scores over the DC and TOI in this respect.


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Happy 2007.
You may as well add the hyperlinks, Sir, for every news item. By doing this courtesy to the media, you can get traffic, a little trick (and I guess it works). Cite and get cited is the rule of thumb. And, Karma says: good breeds good. Take whatever you like, the rest will follow.
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