Sunday, January 4, 2009

new year musings

Plan to be a more disciplined blogger in 2009 and comment on some of the sore points that stick out in the local media. Also, plan to watch some regional television channels especially since the competition is getting fiercer, with 'Saakshi tv' all set to make its appearance soon with a big bang.
In the print media, nothing seems to have changed very much. DC is a bit like the Bourbons--'learning nothing and forgetting nothing'. TOI is much quicker on the uptake and has a sharp desk that is right on the ball and tweaks the reporters' language just enough to make the requisite impact. 'The Hindu' continues to be the old maid of Anna Salai nee Mount Road. In a fit of sudden anxiety, probably when competition comes aknocking the old maid shakes herself up, dabs some make-up and tries to act more coquettish than she ever did in her staid 100 year-old existence, trying her hardest to woo young readers . But, these flirtatious, odd acts of nervousness on her part only seem to drive her readers into the arms of her competitors faster.
Sadly, the faultlines between the Urdu press and the rest of the media, both vernacular and English are very thinly disguised as someone familiar with these languages will tell you. The twain do meet but they remain poles apart in terms of coverage and analysis.

Will be back soon with more reflections.......not that they count. At least there's public space to think aloud and get on with one's life.

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Mohamed Taher said...

Many Happy Returns...

Gr8 resolutions for 2009--touch wood, if any wood is still around (our hybrid & hyped age lacks pure wood, anyways).
Best wishes for the media monitoring.