Thursday, September 20, 2007

media indifference

To go back to the same point, the Abhishek-Ash wedding or Salman Khan's appearance in a Jodhpur Court has all the world and his wife from the media in attendance on a 24 by 7 basis, but when the ex-vigilance commissioner from A.P., Samal, names officials in top positions, describing them as corrupt, what is our media reaction? It goes into an overdrive--we're referring to both print and electronic media here--getting reactions from politicians and fellow-officials, which of course, it should, but ignores putting these officials under its own scanner. What prevents the media from investigating the allegations of the ex-vigilance commissioner more closely, by looking at the assets of these officals, their business interests and lifestyles--do we need to tell them where to look, for heaven's sake!
A Union Minister--in this case Vaghela--and a Chief Minister (Deshmukh of Maharashtra) make fun of farmers dying of hunger. Our Union Minister tells the poor farmers that they're dying because they're too lazy to work. Well, well, if they're poor, they deserve to be poor, and if they die in the bargain, too bad. They deserve to die anyway. Barring the redoubtable P.Sainath in 'The Hindu', no one had anything substantial to write on this shocking behaviour of our 'leaders'. Sainath quite rightly described them as the Marie Antoinettes of our times.
When everybody--the executive, the legislature, the judiciary (which is merciflly, relatively in better shape)and the fourth estate become thick as thieves, we know where we're heading, as a nation.

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