Saturday, September 22, 2007

Arundhati Roy's article: 'Scandal in the Palace'

Judges in India are divine beings. And if you're an ex-CJI, your sins are above mortal reproach., Arundhati Roy, Continue reading

This has nothing to do with the media in Hyderabad. But, in a sense it has to do with media everywhere. Arundhati Roy's brilliantly written, argued and presented piece in this week's 'Outlook' is a must read for everyone--journos, non-journos, citizens, businessmen, officials and even lawyers and judges. It is one of those articles that makes you gasp!

"We'll Have Something Concrete With The Left In Coming Months"
The TDP chief also considers the SP as a key member of the UNPA -- which means Mayawati and her BSP are out of the equation.

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Jim Terral said...

I like this. I am trying to take a more focussed look at the media--especially the Canadian media--on my blog. Arundhati Roy is certainly a more universal figure, but that's why it's appropriate to consider why and where here influence extends beyond her homeland.