Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Media ethics...

In two recent instances sections of the electronic media behaved in a glaringly irresponsible fashion. The first was the abduction and the brutal kiling of 16 year old Adnan Patrawala. It was reported that the kidnappers killed the boy after the news of his abduction was flashed by tv channels. The Maharashtra Home Minister has said that there would be a thorough probe into the incident to detect the source of the leak, but we know what such assurances mean. Media irresponsibility has contributed to the death of a promising life.
The second instance was the continuous telecast of the most gruesome footage by the etv channel, in its news bullettins, following the Hyderabad blasts on Saturday night. While it's necessary to give readers an accurate picture of events, the media has a responsibility to show restraint where required.

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