Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Media fixations.....

One thing is for certain--our print and electronic media demonstrate a neurotic obsession with politics and politicians, that is beyond the pale of common acceptance, because it is invariably at the cost of 'human interest' stories. Today's front pages have nothing special--PM's views on the power sector and NTR's daughter and Union Minister Purandareswari's letter to Chandrababu are the highlights of front-page coverage. If her letter gets second-lead treatment in DC Eenadu's coverage of the TD Mahanadu tells its own story of each newspaper's leanings and slants, which reminds us of the media attention The Hindu bestows on the CPM. To each his own, slant, that is. While on the subject of The Hindu, it has a good front-page story by K. Venkateswarulu on the anti-media G.O. having been cleared by the Chief Minister, contradicting what YSR claimed (that he knew nothing about it).
The TOI has a newsier front-page--a Mir Ayoob Ali Khan report features as the first-lead on the cops picking the wrong man in Shoaib Jagirdar (in the Mecca Masjid bomb case), a story on Geeta Johri, the investigating IG in Gujarat seeking more powers and a 'bottom' on the use of a mobile phone ring tone (by forest officials) mimicking the call of a rooster to lure leopards!

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