Saturday, May 12, 2007

'All Maya'......

The Times of India's lead said--'It's all Maya' and the DC's headline had the same quibble: 'All is Maya'. As for The Hindu, 'Mayawati takes Uttar Pradesh', it said.
The Deccan Chronicle's editorial 'Maya's surprise' had an interesting observation that media organizations--both print and electronic--need to think about: "There are several lessons for all involved here. One, the media does not necessarily matter in an election in one of the poorest and most backward states in India." The TOI's editorial calls it 'The USP of BSP'while The Hindu's editorial terms it 'Political tour de force' and describes it in the opening sentence as 'subaltern power on spectacular display'.
The TOI has a good front-page three-column story on the Gujarat IG (CID), Geeta Johri's visit to Hyderabad--"Rajiv Trivedi faces Johri heat" and an excellent three-column 'bottom': YSR sows Monsanto seed in US'. What the YSR story reveales is a much concealed fact that YSR did not go to the World Agriculture Forum in St. Louis at their invitation--the state government paid seven lakhs as registration fees, so he could attend the Congress and deliver his speech! Secondly, the report reveals that one of the WAF sponsors is Monsanto and that the Forum was in fact founded by a former director of Monsanto. Good show.

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