Monday, April 2, 2007


For some reason, most of the editorials one comes across in newspapers are couched in drab, boring language and have a pompous edge to them. For the most part, one gets the impression that they're from another day and time. This morning's editorials in The Hindu, however, provide an exception.The TOI also is a shade better in this respect. It usually has editorials on a wider range of topical issues, compared to its peers. However, TOI's 'Karma Sutra', interesting as it is, has the odd flawed sentence--unpardonable in an editorial. Take this--"It is assumed that any open discussion on sex, its physical, legal and moral aspects, violates the social etiquette..."
The TOI's first lead focusses on global warming and tells us that the phenomenon could melt most Himalayan glaciers by the 2030s. The contentious IIT going Medak's way is another big front page item in the TOI and the DC. Then there's the other page one story in the DC and TOI--the CM's son refusing to take the government land given to Raghuram Cements (of which he is a director) in Kadapa district.
Over the last several years, The Hindu has not been able to disguise its pro-left political leanings and one good example of how this shows up is the five-column front lead status given to an item that merits single-column attention--"Maoists join Nepal government".

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