Sunday, March 25, 2007

High and Lows of cricket....

Cricket continues to dominate the front pages of most newspapers--India's early (though not wholly unexpected, if one were to be rational)exit being the focus.

The Hindu, The Times of India, The Deccan Chronicle and Munsif have front-paged reactions of fanatical fans on India's first-round exit. They're only taking a leaf out of what the tv channels are doing ad nauseam--dissecting the Indian defeat and getting the Sidhus and the Jadejas to tell us what went wrong. Me asks rather ingenuously--do we really need an expert's opinion on this? Actually, some of the unprintable sms messages doing the rounds sum up our responses better. Bob Woolmer's tragic death continues to remain in focus.

One wonders how the Hyderabadi Press, I mean the non-Urdu Press, has almost completely ignored the ongoing sniping between Aitemad (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen's voice) on the one hand, and Munsif and Siasat on the other.There's been no letting up and if anything the recent attack on Siasat editor, Zahid Ali Khan, has only made the triangular campaign, if one may say so, more strident. Both Siasat and Munsif have accused the MIM of engineering the attack, while Aitemad maintains that the party had nothing to do with it. Sunday morning's Munsif's cartoon hits a new low. It features someone asking a woman depicted as a scavenger, Bi Pasha (supposed to be a caricature of the MIM legislator and Owaisi Junior--Akbaruddin)--"Bi Pasha log keh rahe haiN ke tum 'Ghilaazat saaf karne ka kaam karti ho'--which in translation would mean 'It is said that you're a scavenger....'? And the response-"Arre yeh tau hamaara aabaai pesha hai. maiN aur mere mustanDay hamesha yahi karte haiN. muNh se tau roz hi Ghilaazat ugalte haiN, kabhi se haath se bhi Ghilaazat phenkte haiN--(I'm afraid one isn't up to translating the rather gross response!)The point I'm making here is why are all the non-Urdu newspapers, the English ones in particular looking the other way?

PS. Cricket Tikka Masala Image courtesy: A Glutton for Punishment
Btw, Cricket Tikka Masala (CTM) Image comes from the site of Melvin Durai, Read also his funny stuff: INDIAN ENGLISH: IT VILL BE WERY HELPFUL, YAAR!
And, don't confuse this as CTM as Chicken Tikka Masala a movie's review coming from Arcadians Cricket Club Gloucester


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