Friday, February 9, 2007

Follow up coverage

One of the things about our newspapers is that follow up of stories that might be of human interest, newsy and topical or crime related, isn't always satisfying. One example that comes to mind is a report concerning the mysterious death (in Hyderabad) of an army man's two sons, Neeraj Rawat and Dheeraj Rawat, some years ago. They were killed and dumped into an unused well. To this day, one doesn't remember any newspaper following up this event with the investigating authorities and reporting it. At that time it created a sensation and some tension between miltary personnel and the residents of the area.

Today's papers don't really have much to write home about. Andhra Jyoti is an exception--it has a front page report on the involvement of an MRO (dubbed 'dynamic lady officer') in a reportedly bogus land deal. The Hindu feels that the passing away of S Rangarajan merits first-lead status! He was the Chairman of Kasturi and Sons (of The Hindu group).
The DC's front page has a (good)report on the demand of govt employees for a five-day week, shot down by the CM and the Chief Secretary.
Chidanand Rajghatta gives us a good piece in the TOI on Washington ending all bilateral financial aid to India in view of the country's economic surge.

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